Inland Empire

Ascendance head drawing


“Once I found myself awake in the body that was still paralysed by sleep. It was as if my consciousness had somehow risen from the shell of flesh, and yet I remained inside the borders of this miraculous Inland Empire.


While captured by this world in between, I witnessed my own occurrence from the smallest point to the outer peaks, in a split of a second.

Departure drawing portrait with cranium


And quicker than a moment, I relapsed into insensibility, as I was leaving that same body that I have already left. I was now a mere observer of these strange proceedings, for I gave myself up to lost.

Modern Lover drawing

Modern Lover

My whole shape was shattered, my limbs were intermingled in the most peculiar way, and what was left of me was one dreadful apparition.

False Prophet figure drawing expressive

False Prophet

For I felt a strong urge to abide by this new consciousness, which was nothing more than a perfect calculus.

Intersections drawing human cranium


And there I was, overturned by the perpetual mind, a skeleton with a conceit of great strength.

Quadrated drawing portrait in circle and triangle


It took me a while to realise that I was only a figure in an abstract figure, a shadow within a dream.

Cranial collage drawing


Suddenly awaken by the irrelevant clamour, I found that although my appearance was altogether the same, I could feel a slight interchange of character inside me, as if this other figure, the one I have just escaped, was slowly bestowing itself upon me”.







All photos by Ivan Tasić ReAkcija Film ReAkcija Film